The Center for Minorities in the Mathematical Science (CMMS) was created by a small but passionate group of minority mathematicians united towards achieving the following goals for minorities in the mathematical sciences through sharing information, ideas, and resources.

Unification: Creating structures and opportunities for collaborations within the minority mathematical community. Working together toward these goals, rather than individually addressing overlapping issues.

Narration: Creating visibility of the achievements and experiences of minority mathematicians nationally and in the broader mathematical communities. Creating a new narrative that is a more accurate reflection of who we are and what we represent.

Renovation: Creating an ecosystem that fosters the development of students of color that are interested in mathematics through the entire mathematics pipeline. Extending where mathematicians of color reach in the pipeline, including in K12 communities.

Vertical Integration: Amplifying programs within the minority mathematical community that facilitate vertical mentoring and training that provides informative content, transformative experiences, and unwritten knowledge of the practice.

On this site, you will find a database of hundreds of minority mathematicians and statisticians, information on organizations and upcoming events for underrepresented groups in STEM, resources for career development, and more.

The CMMS webpage is for us, and we want its shape to reflect our voices and a unified vision of the entire community of minorities in the mathematical sciences. One way we can achieve this is for you to share your voice. Please visit our feedback page to provide suggestions and comments.