Conferences & Workshops

The following events are upcoming and recurring events that support the advancement and participation of minorities in the mathematical sciences. More information may be found on the calendar.

If you are interested in having your conference or workshop represented here, first check that your event meets the guidelines outlined here, then contact us at with a description of your event.

Summer 2021 Center Sponsored Workshops

Creating a Better Summer Experience: A DEI Workshop for REU Directors and Faculty Mentors

This workshop, designed for REU directors and faculty mentors, will provide participants with the tools to assist with mentoring underrepresented and minoritized students in mathematics. Sessions will address building supportive communities of scholars, the science of mentoring, and a summary of lessons learned from NSF CORE grant on supporting students of color in the mathematical sciences. 

Conference Date: May 22nd, 2021
Registration Deadline: May 9th, 2021

Future/Recurring Conferences and Workshops

Conference for African-American Researchers in Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS)

CAARMS is an annual conference that spotlights the accomplishments of mathematicians from underrepresented minority groups. The event includes invited speakers, tutorials, and graduate student poster sessions and provides a forum where minority researchers in the mathematical sciences can meet, learn about work across different mathematical fields, and mentor minority graduate students.

The EDGE Summer Session

The EDGE Summer Session is for women entering PhD programs and especially encourages the participation of women from underrepresented minority groups. The program includes mini-courses and guest lectures given by faculty researchers and mentoring sessions with faculty and graduate student mentors.

Application date: Available December 2020

Blackwell-Tapia Conference and Award Ceremony

The Blackwell-Tapia Conference is a biannual conference in honor of David Blackwell and Richard Tapia. The conference includes scientific talks, poster sessions, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and the awarding of the Blackwell-Tapia Prize. The conference aims to recognize and showcase mathematical excellence by minority researchers and to recognize and disseminate successful efforts to address under-representation. Participants are invited from all career stages and represent institutions of all sizes across the country, including Puerto Rico.

Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference

The Tapia Conference brings together undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, researchers, and professionals in computing from all backgrounds and ethnicities. The conference aims to celebrate diversity in computing, connect people from common backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, and gender, obtain advice from leaders in academia and industry, and be inspired by presentations and conversations.

Conference date: September 16-19, 2020
Regular Registration date: August 31, 2020

Location: Virtual

Infinite Possibilities Conference (IPC)

The IPC is a national conference designed to promote, educate, encourage, and support minority women underrepresented in mathematics and statistics. The conference includes research talks, poster sessions, mentoring and career breakout sessions, professional development, and community. Participants represent women in high school, college, graduate school, postdocs, early faculty, and senior researchers in academia, industry, and government.

Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference (Latmath)

Latmath showcases the achievements of Latinx in the mathematical sciences. The conference aims to encourage Latinx to pursue careers in the mathematical sciences, to promote the advancement of Latinx, to showcase research conducted by Latinx, and to build a community around shared academic interests. Activities include research talks, panel discussions, student poster sessions, and pre-conference activities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Conference date: March 4-6, 2021

Location: UCLA

Spring Opportunities Workshop

The Spring Opportunities Workshop aims to prepare women and underrepresented minorities for work in academia, industry, and government laboratories. The workshop provides an opportunity for women in the mathematical sciences to improve their non-technical skills such as public speaking and professional networking, working in teams, ethical reasoning. Participation is encouraged by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, junior researchers, and professionals in the mathematical sciences. The conference includes research presentations, professional development sessions, motivational keynote speakers, Graduate School & Career Expo Hall, multicultural celebrations and traditions, and an inclusive and welcoming community.”

SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conference

The SACNAS conference is the largest multidisciplinary and multicultural STEM diversity even in the country and serves to equip, empower, and energize participants for their academic and processional paths in STEM. The conference include research presentations, processional development sessions, motivational keynote speakers, Graduate School & Career Expo Hall, multicultural celebrations and traditions, and an inclusive and welcoming community.

Conference date: October 22-24, 2020
Regular Registration date: September 26, 2020

Location: Long Beach, CA

Modern Mathematics Workshop

The Modern Mathematics Workshop is a two-day workshop held in conjunction with the national meeting of SACNAS. The workshop showcases the contemporary research happening at the NSF Mathematical Institutes. Activities include research expositions aimed at graduate students and researchers, mini-courses aimed at undergraduates, a keynote lecture by a distinguished scientist, and a reception for participants to learn about the Mathematical Institutes.

Workshop Celebrating Diversity at SIAM Annual Meeting

The Workshop Celebrating Diversity is held in conjunction with the SIAM Annual Meeting. The workshop provides a chance for students to listen to technical talks presented by minority graduate students. The workshop aims to send a clear, explicit message of support from SIAM to members of underrepresented groups, to bring together a mixture of people of different ages and professional experiences, to provide an opportunity for minority graduate students to present their research and learn about careers in applied and computational mathematics.

Modern African Diaspora Joint Mathematics Workshop (ADJOINT) Mathematics Workshop

The African Diaspora Joint Mathematics Workshop (ADJOINT) is a two-week summer activity designed for researchers with a Ph.D. degree in the mathematical and statistical sciences who are interested in conducting research in a collegial environment. The main objective of ADJOINT is to provide opportunities for in-person research collaboration to U.S. mathematical and statistical scientists, especially those from the African Diaspora, who will work in small groups with research leaders on various research projects.

Application: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Dates: June 21 – July 2, 2020

Location: Berkeley, California